Android Games We Played In 2020

Cassie Sanchez


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During this quarantine, our regular activities, such as going out with friends or visiting sports matches, became temporarily unavailable. Luckily you can have fun at home. Listen to music, read books, or play mobile games just like we do. 

Here is our top of games for Android 2020. They differ in genres, so you will find something fascinating for yourself. It’s unlikely that in your real life, you run on stilts, jump on ceilings or go back into the past… Or escape from crowds of zombies. For now, at least.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar 

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Go on an adventure with the brave Gully and her five companions. Take a walk through the lovely villages, find treasures in the creepy dungeons and try out fishing! 

However, the main thing in the Battle Chasers: Nightwar is battles. In turn-based combats, each member of the team can prove themselves. They have a set of basic attacks and several special abilities that consume mana points. So plan your moves ahead. 

Level up your heroes and their equipment to make the entire squad stronger. After all, you have to fight criminals, undead and even demons. So get ready for whatever comes your way.

Death Road to Canada 

Death Road to Canada gameplay

Death Road to Canada Android game is not just a regular story about a zombie apocalypse. It is a deadly hilarious pixel adventure. Try to escape from thousands of undead and reach Canada. On your way, you will have to look for food, first-aid kits, and gasoline. And also a weapon to fight off attacking zombies. You can try to use a fishing pole or a boomerang, but it is much better to have a flamethrower or a magic staff with you. 

In Death Road to Canada, all the levels are randomly generated, so you never know who you will meet next. It can be a sweet Anime Girl, or a pug Woof smoking a pipe or a karate singer Alvis. Take good care of that dog: it can shoot a minigun and drive a car. Such a nice puppy! Anyway, choose teammates wisely, because, among them, there may be a traitor. Watch out for that alien in a lab coat! 

Evoland 2 

Evoland 2 gameplay

Evoland 2 is the sequel of the popular 2013 game. It combines elements of several genres at once: platform game, RPG, shooter and CCG.
The main character tries to recover his lost memory and travels through time to collect pieces of it. As the plot develops, the world around would change. In the past, you will see simple pixel graphics, and in the future — detailed 3D landscapes. Each location has its own secrets, so explore them all. For example, you can enter the same house at different times and see how its owner is aging.

The game is full of Easter eggs and references to other games, popular films and characters. Take a look at the Alien in a bulb in one of the laboratories!


Dandara gameplay

Explore the world of Salt and free its inhabitants from slavery along with the warrior Dandara. In this two-dimensional platformer, gravity works in a different way, so the main character can deftly jump on the walls and ceilings. Step by step, Dandara gets new skills to fight enemies and bosses. She will even learn to shoot rockets and energy balls. Look for some helpful pieces of advice on how to use them in other Dandara reviews.

If you liked this magical world, download a free expansion. It not only opens 3 new areas but also gives you unusual abilities. And you will find out more interesting facts about the character’s life and the game universe.

Walk Master

Walk Master gameplay

There are no creepy monsters, dangerous criminals, or missions to save the world in this game. Instead, there are stilts, various obstacles, and tons of humor. 

Take a stroll through the countryside along with a goat on stilts. To move one of the stilts slide your thumb across the screen. Be patient: one wrong move and your character will fall and break his horns. Also, make sure it won’t be bitten by a piranha or a flesh-eating plant.

When you collect enough coins, you can get additional accessories or new characters. At the finish, all of your teammates will greet you with joyful screams. What a nice ending of a hard walk.


JYDGE gameplay

The main character of this shooter game was inspired by the legendary comic hero Judge Dredd. The futuristic city plunged into chaos, and you are the only one who can restore order. Customize your own law enforcer robot to destroy all the criminals. They can be bank robbers or even a large terrorist group.

Some tasks require a quick reaction and caution. For example, you will need to free hostages within 30 seconds, and no one should notice you. Keep in mind that shots and explosions can destroy walls. Use this to outsmart your opponent.

Complete both main and side missions to get as many points as possible to unlock the next levels and medals to buy new upgrades. Moreover, you can upgrade not only weapons but also the JYDGE himself inserting cyber implants. Install the hacker module, and your character will be able to crack containers of cash.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light gameplay

One of the best games for Android is the critical acclaimed Sky: Children of the Light. You will go on an exciting journey through the magical kingdom to look for fallen stars. With the help of a special cape, you will soar through the sky, explore locations and collect winged light. On each level, you will need to solve puzzles and communicate with the spirits. They will tell you the story of this world. 

The most important part of the game is mutual assistance. By the side of your character, there will always be other players’ children of the light. Together you can rise to new heights or solve complex puzzles. And perhaps this game can become an excellent alternative to real contacts.

Sharing is Caring 

We hope our top of Android games 2020 will help you to entertain yourself during these alarming times. Which of these projects did you like the most? Tell us in the comments about your best Android gaming adventure! And do not forget to share our list with your friends! Stay safe, stay home, and play mobile games with us