How Quibi Platform Works

Warren Santos


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On April 6, a new Quibi video platform was launched, and some call it the “Netflix Killer.”

What is Quibi?

Among a large number of apps and games, you might not notice such news as Quibi. The creators of the Quibi project are Jeffrey Katzenberg, the former director of the Walt Disney Studios and one of the founders of DreamWorks Animation, and Meg Whitman, who worked in key positions at Disney, DreamWorks Animation, eBay, Hewlett Packard. They conceived it as a video service that would be convenient for mobile users.

Quibi is a streaming platform with unique television series, news releases, and shows aimed only at mobile consumption. In other words, the service does not have a web version, like Netflix or YouTube. Also, there is no version for tablets, only a mobile application. And the duration of episodes of television series is only 7 to 10 minutes. You can watch series in both portrait and landscape orientations.

How Much Does It Cost?

Quibi has two options for subscription. The first, which will show ads at the start of each video, will cost $ 4.99 per month (more if you live outside the US). You can opt-out of advertising at a more expensive level, which will cost $ 7.99 per month.
You can get acquainted with the service during the 90-day free period, which will be provided to users who have managed to register before the end of April. The Quibi application is available for the owners of mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Where Can I Stream Quibi?

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From April 6, the platform has been working in the United States, and later it will launch in the UK and Australia (Asia and Europe are in the distant plans).

On the first day of launch in the USA, Quibi scored more downloads than its rival apps.

What Devices Can I Use This Platform On?

Currently, Quibi works only on mobile devices, so you can download it on all Android devices with the latest OS. Most likely, this is due to its Turnstyle function, which allows you to watch content in landscape or portrait orientation, depending on how you hold the phone.

Quibi is focused specifically on the features of viewing content from a smartphone. The service itself is not available for computers or TVs and works only on mobile devices.

What Can You Watch With the Quibi App?

Quibi now has 24 shows of various genres, from documentary to drama and comedy. 

There are also three categories of videos you will see on the screen: movies in chapters, Daily Essentials and Docs, as well as other daily materials such as news reports, best Android gaming, horoscopes, sports, finance, and culture, and much more. News will be published daily, giving viewers a “high-quality selection of events” to form the habit of launching the application often. 

Movies in chapters — films divided into chapters that appear once a week. A two-hour picture can take up to 12 chapters. After the last episode, the film will be available in the full version.

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Quibi is not just a channel, but a serious product in which hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested. In particular, to attract directors such as Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro, Ridley Scott, or Sam Raimi.

Also, in almost every project, the protagonist is a celebrity who is loved by viewers on other TV shows. For example, the main character of the Survive television show Sophie Turner is known to everyone as Sansa Stark from the Game of Thrones, Liam Hemsworth from the Most Dangerous Game is remembered for The Hunger Games, Eva Longoria from Flipped is Gaby from Desperate Housewives, etc. In total, Quibi plans to release 7 thousand units of content to stream per year — this is several times more than even Netflix.

Vertical Films

Quibi devs call this trick “Turnstyle,” and it’s one of the app’s headline features. Quibi is aimed at mobile users who are used to holding a smartphone in their hands vertically. Various apps have taught them this. 

Quibi instantly adapts the image when changing the screen orientation, depending on how the user holds the device. The video does not pause, there are no changes in the sound and image. The negative point is that traffic consumption is, on average, 20% higher than in the case of YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services.

Quibi uses artificial intelligence technology to determine which part of the image to display in portrait orientation. This is a rather difficult task when you rotate the screen 90 degrees, so you need to focus only on the main object (for example, the person who is talking at the moment). While watching such videos, the user is unlikely to change the screen orientation frequently.

What About Multiple Accounts?

Quibi will not work with several accounts as you can have in other apps and games, for example, in the game Death Road to Canada. Only one account per phone can be used. This is not the type of device you could share with a TV. 

Can I Watch Quibi Offline?

Yes. There is also a function to download videos for viewing them offline. 

Can I Share a Quibi Account With My Friend or Family?

Perhaps, but you will not be able to watch videos at the same time. Accounts are intended for viewing by one person.

Where to Download Quibi?

Since the service is designed only for mobile devices, you need to download Android or iOS app. You need to create an account to access all content.

What Else There is to Know About Quibi?

Now everyone is sitting at home and prefers to watch longer videos from laptop monitors or television screens. It is unlikely that during quarantine, users would spend money on the application that works only with smartphones. Critics believe that at the moment, Quibi has no series that can interest the viewers so much that they decide to pay for another streaming service.

Of course, not everyone may like this app, but we do not advise you to make hasty conclusions until you try it, maybe you will like it.